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Practice Areas

Family Law


Whether you are dealing with a private agency, public agency or adopting a family member, we can help get you the desired results.


Dealing with a divorce and not sure if you are entitled to alimony? Has your spouse violated the alimony orders, or missed payments? Has your spouse re-married, but alimony has not stopped? Give us a call.

Child Custody

Determining the custody of a child should be done from the viewpoint of what is best for the child, not the parents. The law uses this viewpoint when awarding custody. Emotional ties can often cloud parents’ judgment; therefore, seeking counsel for assistance is a great parental decision. Talk to an attorney today, if you need guidance with your custody matter.

Child Support


Providing financial support is a requirement under the law. It cannot be waived by an agreement by the parents. Know your rights as to how much support is required and for how long. Let us help you sort the facts of your particular circumstance so that we can devise the right plan for your situation.



Whether the decision to divorce was by mutual decision or extenuating circumstances, there are certain steps that must take place before a divorce may be granted. Understanding the procedure and how to navigate through the legal system can be quite daunting. Consult with an attorney to ensure you are getting all that is desired in your final decree.



Had a child and not married?

Be sure to know your rights when it comes to paternity. Speaking with an attorney early will help prevent issues that may arise in the future; when it may be too late. If you need assistance with establishing paternity in order to seek child support, child custody or visitation, give us a call to learn how to handle your specific situation.

Pre-Nuptial/Ante-Nuptial Agreement


Thinking about marriage but want to protect your assets?

Recently married and want to establish an asset protection plan?

We can help navigate you through this tough decision swiftly so that you can quickly get to the less stressful portions of marriage. Have you been presented with an agreement, but unsure if it is in your best interests? We can review your agreement and propose suggested changes for a low rate. Schedule with us today.

Packaged Services


If you cannot afford the full service of an attorney to handle your divorce or custody matter, or you have a simple dispute, but wish to have it reviewed by an attorney for accuracy, we offer affordable flat rate packaged services that will allow you to utilize the expertise of an attorney but still pursue your specific matter on your own in court. Our services come complete with full review, some document drafts, and step-by-step instructions on court procedure. Let us know if we can service your needs in this manner.

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Auto Acciddent
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Our Mission...To provide our clients with security and peace of mind knowing you received the best value and best service while leaving with satisfaction and the feeling that you could not have endured this matter without us.

Principal Attorney

Shari' Morris

Shari' has a passion to not only educate, but also to counsel and guide her clients through the stress of difficult matters with the utmost of ease. Throughout her years of practice, Shari' has represented clients with difficult divorces, child support matters, car accidents and slip and falls; all of which have resulted in the most favorable outcome for her clients.

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