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Attorney Shari´ Morris

Teaches Do-It-Yourself Divorce

Course Benefits

  • Where to file a divorce
  • How to complete the paperwork so its not rejected
  • How to handle your in court appearane at the end.
  • Downloadable Workbook

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Welcome to Shari’s divorce course! This course is designed to be your one stop shop
when it comes to research, drafting and filing your uncontested divorce. 


The first step to a divorce is to ascertain where you want to file your petition. The legal terminology for this step is called “jurisdiction.” 

After determining what county to file your divorce in, the next step is to contact the clerk of that court and find out what are the costs for filing your divorce.


Once you have your petition completed you will need to draft a summons. A summons is a document addressed to the responding spouse 


The “Answer” is simply a response to the divorce petition. Lawyers use a specific format for the answer, 


The most important document to complete for your divorce is your marital settlement agreement. This agreement shall consist of every possible thing that 


In order to get your case before a judge there are a few steps you must take once you and your spouse have finalized your agreement. These steps vary by state.  


The proposed order is a simple document and only requires a few statements that must be listed. The language does vary by state; some have more, others have less. 


The purpose of this section is to show the petitioner the proper procedures and language needed to file the appropriate petition and documents when the location of the spouse is unknown. The detailed information and explanation of vocabulary is provided in the full course.