Injured in an Auto Accident? Top Five Things You Must Do:

Injured in an Auto Accident? Top Five Things You Must Do


  1. Immediately call the police and request that a police report be taken.
    • It does not matter if you are not bleeding, dizzy, or have immediate physical injury; you need to have documentation of the accident for insurance purposes.

    • Get contact information of any witnesses if they are willing to share it.
    • Do not just exchange insurance information. That never works!
  2. If you are suffering from immediate injuries, do not drive to the hospital.
    • Call someone to come to your rescue and have he/she drive you to the hospital. If possible, have a third person to drive your car home.
  3. Get checked by a medical doctor within 48 hours of the accident.
    • The best way to substantiate the severity of your injury is from a licensed medical doctor (not a chiropractic doctor).
    • The sooner you get to a hospital or emergency care clinic the better your chances of recovering the maximum award for your injury.
  4. Hire a Lawyer
    • Having a lawyer almost always guarantee you will get the maximum allowable award for your injury. Additionally, a lawyer can provide you with the right guidance and advice when it comes to settlement so that you do not accept lower than what is available to you.
  5. DO NOT miss doctor’s appointments.
    • Insurance companies always look for long periods of time between your treatments and they use this to discount the severity of your injury, thus, discounting the amount of award they are willing to offer.
    •  If you have to miss work, that time and money is included in damages incurred due to the accident; so unless you are in danger of being fired, take the doctor’s excuse.

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